Cash For Your Halloween Candy

This year we are doing Halloween Candy Buy Back! Come on in between Nov 2 to Nov 6 with your candy. We will pay you cold hard cash for your candy!!!

candy buy back

We will pay you $1 per pound for your candy (unopened). $5 max each person. All kids are welcome to participate; you don't have to be a current patient. All donated candy will be donated to the Open Door Mission and our troops overseas.

Our goal at Davis Chiropractic is to promote good overall general health through chiropractic as well as well balanced diet and nutrition. Good nutrition is essential to our overall health status. We all know sugar is bad for our teeth but do you know it's also bad for our brain, mood, joints, skin, heart and etc. Read more on WebMD on how does too much sugar affect your body.

#nutrition #candybuyback #halloween

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